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Magnus Metal Ltd. is an early-stage start-up company, developing a new “Digital Casting” process for the manufacturing of large metal parts. The process outputs cast metal parts based upon the customer’s CAD file. Technology and process have proven feasibility with our R&D platforms and we are currently recruiting excellent professionals to join our multi-disciplinary R&D team on the path to industrializing the solution.

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Materials and metallurgical researcher

The position is that of a materials and metallurgical researcher involved in the development of the company’s core technologies, covering a wide range of domains in materials science, metallurgy, and mechanical properties of cast parts. The role is focused on research of ferrous-based materials, materials design, microstructural control, failure analysis, and development of novel thermal treatments meeting to the developed technology targets. The position includes extensive hands-on experimental design and analysis backed by microstructural, physical and mechanical simulations.

Job #4040

Senior Project Manager

The Project Manager will lead, coordinate and perform of Magnus Metal’s main R&D projects and tasks, based upon her/his professional background, and hold a central role in effectively executing top-priority activities.

Direct report to VP R&D

Job #2415

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

The Mechanical Design Engineer designs and coordinates the mechanical design activities related to specific module or subsystem according to the system specification requirements, schedule and target costs.

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