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Magnus-Metal Ltd. is an early-stage start-up company, developing a new “Additive Casting” process for the
manufacturing of large metal parts. The process outputs cast metal parts based upon the customer’s CAD file.
Our development machine has proven the technology and process, and we are currently recruiting excellent
professionals to join our multi-disciplinary R&D team on the path to industrializing the solution.

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System operator JD4001

The System Operator is responsible for operation and maintenance of Digital Casting production systems working in R&D environment.

System/Project Engineer JD4003

The System/Project Engineer leads, coordinates and performs engineering projects and tasks based upon her/his relevant professional background and experience.

R&D Technician JD4002

R&D Technicians provide support for researchers/research associates on developmental product assignments.

Mechanical Design Engineer JD4004

The Mechanical Design Engineer designs and coordinates the mechanical design activities related to specific module or subsystem according to the system specification requirements, schedule and target costs.

R&D_Process Engineer JD4005

The Process Engineer defines, leads, coordinates and performs system performance research assessments and optimization tasks.

R&D Research assistant JD4007

The research assistant will work closely with the researchers in the chemistry department and will assist in the development of unique molds, research into new materials and the challenges of process development.

Experimental Physicist JD4009

The position is that of an experimental physicist who will take an active part in the development of the company’s core technologies and enhance the understanding of the physical aspects of our process.

R&D Senior Researcher JD4006

A Senior researcher in the chemistry department has a central part in development of the unique molds in the process. He/She leads independent chemical and materials development tasks...

Procurement Person JD4008

Technical procurement, purchasing and import of parts and components of which our machines are composed. Working in an R&D environment.

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