Digital Casting

Digital Era has arrived
for Metal Casting

Digital Casting

Metal Casting –
Market Deficiencies

  • Labor Shortage: Skills, Retention, Availability
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Parts Availability, Cost, Time to Market, Control
  • Waste: In-Process, Part and Mold & Energy
  • Tooling: Cost, Availability, Time to Market, Utilization
  • Difficulties Meeting Industry 4.0 Standards
  • Environmental & Safety Concerns
  • Design & Process Limitations
  • New Capabilities: Controlling Alloy Structure and performance, Better Part Design

Magnus Metal - Digital Casting



Magnus Metal - Digital Casting Offering

Today vs. Months

  • Single process from R&D to Volume production
  • One ton per day per systems
  • Saving 6-18 weeks of Tooling time (no Tooling needed)
  • Multi part production on same build-table (same Alloy family)

New Capabilities

  • Multi alloys (same family) in same part
  • Full alloy thermal arrest (solidification) control
  • 1mm per 1-meter dimensional accuracy
  • Steel casting simplified 


  • Automated process, less exposure to workforce fluctuations and skill-set
  • Industry 4.0 standards
  • Enhanced safety and Process control
  • Using customer alloy (solid metal, no powder)

Lower Costs

  • Merge parts into one up to 50% cost reduction
  • No tooling = 15-20% cost reduction
  • Save up to 70% in raw material requirements
  • Reduce up to 50% of energy consumption