A project manager is a person in the field of project coordination. Job managers have overall responsibility for the preparation, procurement and implementation of a job, irrespective of it is magnitude i was reading this and based on a given price range. Their hard work is aimed at ensuring the successful completion of the project in time and in the predetermined budget. That they ensure that the project delivers what it was promised to offer, on time and the pleasure of all stakeholders.

The task manager responsibilities require that he/she be familiar with requirements of all the team members equally. This means that he/she must take into account the views and ideas of all the team members while creating the plan and making the decisions. The moment this responsibility is not exercised within an appropriate way, project managers often find themselves with a strategy that contains a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts. ‘ The result is that the task is often not really delivered in how envisaged and this is why project managers need to develop and enhance their team members skills.

Managers ought to remember that they are managing persons and the controlling of people can be an art. If perhaps done well, it can be probably the most rewarding professions that you can possess. A project manager is often when compared to a conductor in music – they will need to orchestrate the entire band to get the desired outcomes. Like a director, project managers have to pay attention carefully with their team members’ suggestions and make amendments to their programs as and when necessary. They need to recognize that their decisions affecting the end result of the project are generally dependent on the inputs of the associates and thus, they must not always rely on their own decisions.

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