Experimental Physicist

Department: Physics

Reports to: VP Physics

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Magnus-Metal Ltd. is an early-stage start-up company, developing a new “Additive Casting” process for the
manufacturing of large metal parts. The process outputs cast metal parts based upon the customer’s CAD file.
Our development machine has proven the technology and process, and we are currently recruiting excellent
professionals to join our multi-disciplinary R&D team on the path to industrializing the solution.

Job Summary:

The position is that of an experimental physicist who will take an active part in the development of the company’s core technologies and enhance the understanding of the physical aspects of our process. The R&D in Physics covers a wide range of domains such as electrodynamics, thermodynamics, material science, and heat and mass flow. All activities take place in an interdisciplinary environment along with scientists, engineers, and professionals from various fields.

Duties and Responsibilities:


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