Materials and metallurgical researcher

Department: Physics & Material sciences
Reports to: VP Physics & Material sciences

Magnus-Metal Ltd is reinventing casting. It is a well-funded early-stage deep-tech start-up, with a mission to drive heavy metal casting industry towards the 21st century. Magnus Metal’s revolutionary “Digital Casting” technology will replace the traditional casting with fully automated “CAD to Part” systems.
We are currently recruiting several additional excellent professionals to join our multi disciplinary leading team on the path to industrializing the solution.

Job Summary

The position is that of a materials and metallurgical researcher involved in the development of the company’s core technologies, covering a wide range of domains in materials science, metallurgy, and mechanical properties of cast parts. The role is focused on research of ferrous-based materials, materials design, microstructural control, failure analysis, and development of novel thermal treatments meeting to the developed technology targets. The position includes extensive hands-on experimental design and analysis backed by microstructural, physical and mechanical simulations.
The candidate is expected to be a highly experienced materials and metallurgical researcher who brings deep metallurgical understanding in advanced manufacturing of metallic materials that involve pursuit of a fundamental understanding of the processing-structure-property-performance relations for a variety of material systems. The position involved with working in an interdisciplinary environment with tight collaboration with other development disciplines.

Duties and Responsibilities:


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